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Work Experience

Work Experience is so important for pupils.  It gives a true insight into the industries.   It helps pupils develop skills required in the work place.  In many industries work experience is essential. It is valued by Colleges Sixth Forms Employers and Universities and evidences enthusiasm and research for specific careers on CVs and Personal Statements.  In the absence of real work experience in the work place due to COVID19, please be aware that virtual work experience can be just as valuable.  Please explore these options.

Please click the image links below for many virtual work experience opportunities.

Springpod offer a variety of different work experience opportunities


InvestIN | Ambition Beyond Education


Medic Mentor offer Medical Work Experience



Variety of webinars, experiences with employers and employment programme


Veterinary Work Experience


NHS Healthcare Virtual Work Experience


Law and Business Work Experience


Virtual Work Experience in Banking Industry


Virtual Work Experience in the Dental Industry


Virtual Work Experience

The British Airways Inspire Programme aims to motivate the next generation of talent by giving them a taste of work and the aviation industry. It’s an award-winning programme that’s a useful stepping-stone between education and starting a career. Click the image for more information