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Wider Key Skills

The Wider Key Skills qualifications aim to develop and recognise each pupil’s ability to apply these skills in ways that are appropriate to different contexts and to improve the quality of their learning and performance. Wider key skills are skills that are commonly needed for success in a range of activities in education and training, work and life in general.

Year 9 is spent preparing for the Wider Key Skills (WKS) qualification by completing challenges from the award course, the following areas are covered: The World of Work, Communication and the Community.

In Year 10 pupils will undertake the first Key Skill (KS) Qualification ‘Improving Own Learning’ by studying for the ‘Young First Aiders’ and ‘Hazard Awareness in the Workplace’ qualifications and then undertake assessments to gain these separate qualifications.

In Year 11 pupils will study to gain the second KS ‘Working with Others’ by working in a team, planning and running a charity fund raising event and then working with a partner to design and publish a magazine for teenagers.

The Wider Key Skills course is assessed through the completion of a comprehensive portfolio of evidence. Pupils keep detailed records of all work covered which, at the end of the course is sent away to the awarding body for moderation. Wider Key Skills does not have an exam at the end of the course which makes the portfolio of evidence critical to successfully gaining the qualification. The two key skills covered, each have two separate challenges. For each of these challenges pupils will have to evidence that they know how to plan, undertake and review complex tasks and provide evidence for this in your portfolio by completing detailed planning and reviewing sheets. Good organisation and planning are critical to success in this course. Pupils will undertake assessments in Health and Safety in the Workplace and First Aid as part of the Improving Own Leaning qualification.

Wider Key Skills can be attempted at two levels. Also, it is important to note that each key skill is a separate qualification and equivalent to 3/4 of a GCSE. Therefore, if pupils complete both Wider Key Skills’ (Improving Own Learning and Working with Others) they will gain two awards which together are worth the equivalent of 1.5 GCSE passes.

At level 1 Wider key Skills is worth 25 performance points so equivalent to a GCSE 1/2 grade. Level 2 is worth 46 points and is equivalent to a GCSE 5/9 grade. Pupils will also gain the Young First Aiders Qualification and a Nationally recognised Health & Safety Award (Health and Safety in the Workplace).