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Stewards Academy

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The STEPS Curriculum… Developing COURAGE

We recognise that our responsibility to young people lies far beyond that of educational advancement and that it is essential that we develop our pupils in the fullest sense. Our values of COURAGE: Confidence, Opportunity, Unity, Resilience, Appreciation, Generosity and Enjoyment are apparent in all aspects of school life and are promoted and developed at every opportunity; including, the classroom experience, enrichment opportunities and the assembly programme. Pupils are recognised for their participation and celebrated for their success.

Five core areas feed into the STEPs curriculum individually and in collaboration: Stewards Learner, Teaching First, Every Child, People Matter, Shaping the Future.

Stewards Learner

  • The use of Morning Prep to prepare pupils for the day
  • The House System to create a sense of belonging and competitive and community spirit. Each tutor group is allocated to one of four houses: Valour, Prowess, Bravery or Fortitude.
  • The use of Afternoon Prep for restorative conversations and catch-up opportunities

Teaching First

  • Well-developed Schemes of Learning to support and develop pupils understanding
  • Clearly structured lessons so pupils know what is expected of them

These two areas are underpinned by:

  • A Study Skills Programme designed to help pupils feel prepared for revision and exam preparation
  • A consistent approach to Pupil Expectations and classroom routines

Every Child

  • Developing Interdependence between different areas of the academy to ensure all pupils are supported appropriately for their needs

People Matter

  • Establishing and understanding Professional Decorum in the workplace

Shaping the Future

  • Preparing pupils for the future and widening their understanding of the working world through our Careers Programme

These three areas are underpinned by:

  • Opportunities for all through our Phoenix Curriculum that includes extra-curricular experiences, charity work and recognised through the Phoenix Challenge
  • Our comprehensive Ethics and Values Programme that covers the PSHE statutory requirements
  • Our regular and important Pupil Voice meetings for the School Council, Charity team, Peer Mentors, EMPV and LGBTQ group

Assembly Programme

  • Pupils have a weekly assembly that covers core aspects of our COURAGE values and STEPS curriculum
  • Community Briefings are held to reiterate key expectations
  • House assemblies are held once a half term to encourage unity, generate competitive spirit and celebrate success