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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

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School Council

We have a very special team of young people at Stewards Academy who make up our School Council and Student Leadership Team. This is a longstanding council, which comprises over hundred pupils from year 8 to 11.

Each year a considerable number of children put their names forward for election to our School Council in a democratic process which is familiar to everyone. Pupils in years 7 to 10 propose themselves for the School Council through completion of an application form. They then speak to their tutor groups before having a tutor group vote. Each tutor group in years 8-11 is represented by two members. All remaining candidates go forward to a year group vote in assembly. All votes are then counted and the remaining places for each year group are filled. 

School Council members from year 11 are part of the Student Leadership Team. This comprises of school council, senior prefects, Heads of School Council, Heads of EMPV, Heads of Charity team and is led by the Head Boy, Head Girl and deputies. They have a dedicated meeting each half term.

The whole School Council meets formally with Miss Johnson, Assistant Headteacher once a half term to discuss relevant issues and to make choices regarding the Jack Petchey Award Scheme. Weekly meetings also take place for different year groups, members of the Student Leadership Team and charity team.

Visitors regularly come along to meet members of the School Council and they are well known for their active role in the life of the school and their articulate views on school life. The last OFSTED inspection specifically commented on the significant role of the School Council in raising pupil aspirations and reflecting the positive ethos of the School.