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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

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Religious Studies

Pupils study Religious Education throughout their time at Stewards.  Topics studied include a wide range of religions and moral issues.  Pupils are encouraged to discuss their thoughts and opinions and to listen with an open mind to the views of others.

Key Stage 3

Religious Education is taught throughout KS3 in mixed ability teaching groups. Pupils in Years 7-8 have the equivalent of two hours of Religious Education over our two week timetable.


Pupils complete an assessment every half term. Assessments are completed in class and for homework.

In Year 7 pupils study a range of topics including new starts, symbolism and the environment.

Year 8 provides pupils with the opportunity to study topics including prejudice, authority, evil and suffering.


Pupils are set homework tasks that build towards the main assessment that is written at the end of a half term.

Key Stage 4

Pupils study a diverse range of topics at GCSE including:

  • Religion and Crime
  • Religion and Drugs
  • Religion and Sport
  • Religion and Human Rights
  • Pupils sit two GCSE exams at the end of Year 11.


Homework is set regularly and centres on exam practice.