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Privacy Notice - Processing of Employee Data

Please be advised that not all of this data is shared with everyone listed. We only share data required for that particular function and only the minimum required.

What is the service being provided?

Employment Records for schools’ staff

What personal data do we need from you?




Date of Birth


NI Number

Bank Details

Health Information

Vetting information

Pensions data

Payroll data

e-mail address

Telephone numbers






Who will be using your Personal Data?

Who is the Data Controller?

Stewards Academy Trust

Who is the Data Controller’s

Data Protection Officer?

Lauri Almond – Essex County Council

Are there any Data Processors?



Who are they?

  • Capita SIMS
  • Civica – Payroll
  • PCLC
  • Price Bailey - External Auditors
  • ECC - Internal Auditors
  • Parent Pay
  • Parent Mail
  • Vericool
  • HMRC
  • LGPS - ECC
  • Teachers Pensions
  • Eden Red – Child Care Vouchers
  • Curriculum Software package – See the pupil Privacy Notice
  • Every – Premises Management System

What will it be used for and what gives us the right to ask for it and use it?

The Purpose(s):


The Legal Condition(s):

  • Under Contract
  • Employment, Social Security, Social Protection

Who else might we share your data with?

Central & Local Government, Health Providers, Other Education Providers, Regulatory Bodies, Professional Associations, Disclosure & Barring Services

Will your data be stored in or accessible from countries with no UK-equivalent Privacy Law protections?


How long will your data be kept?

When will it stop being used?

Termination of employment + 6 years with regard to references

How long after this will it be deleted?

Termination of employment + 6 years

Our use of the data will be subject to your legal rights (marked if applicable):









As you are giving us your data directly:

This is the reason why we are allowed to ask for it and use it:

Employment law

This is what could happen if you refused to let us use your data for this purpose:

Unable to employ

As you are not giving your data directly to us:

This is who is giving us your personal data:

Previous employer, DBS service, Occupational Health.

This is a source of personal data open to anyone



These are the categories of personal data being given to us

Basic Demographics, e.g. name, address, Date of Birth, Contacts, references from previous employers, medical reports, employment suitability checks, Pensions and payroll data

Visit the following links for more information about Privacy Law, our obligations and your Rights:

The ICO Guide to the General Data Protection Regulations 2016

The General Data Protection Regulations 2016

If you have concerns over the way we are asking for or using your personal data, please raise the matter with our Data Protection Officer by the following means:

Postal Address

Stewards Academy Parnall Road Harlow CM18 7NQ


Phone Number

01279 421951

If you still have concerns following our response you have the right to raise the matter with the Information Commissioner’s Office:

Postal Address

Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF

Online Form

Phone Number

0303 123 1113