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In common with thousands of schools around the country, Stewards Academy use ParentMail as our primary form of written communication. This method is a benefit to all parties as it provides a fast, direct and environmentally friendly method of keeping in contact. 

To ensure we can stay in touch it is important that you provide us with the following details.

In order to set up this system, we need to obtain your:

  • email addresses
  • preferred mobile telephone number

The mobile number is necessary for communication via text.

Should you not have email or text facilities, or do not wish to be included in this scheme, please  inform us accordingly.  Be assured that we will still remain in communication with you as abandoning all forms of communication outside ParentMail would not be practical.

Two things to bear in mind when you start using ParentMail at Stewards:

  • Please add to your address books or approved sender lists so that messages we may send you will not be barred as unidentified or blocked by a SPAM/JUNK filter.
  • It is not possible for you to reply directly to email or telephone messages sent via ParentMail. The messages will be for information, or will ask you to call the school telephone number, or in certain circumstances an alternative number to call will be given.

Please complete the ParentMail proforma below and email back to