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Stewards Academy

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Mobile Phone Policy

The school policy on mobile phones will change from September 2011. Following discussions with pupils, parents and staff it has been agreed that the following rules will now apply

  • Pupils will be allowed to carry phones in school
  • Phones may be used by pupils before and after school and at break and lunchtimes.
  • Phones must be switched off during lesson times 8.45-11.00, 11.15-1.15 and 1.55 - 3.00.
  • If a pupil is found to have their phone switched on at these times then it will be confiscated and kept in the PSMs office until 3.00.
  • Phones must not be used to take any images or videos whilst in school.

Responsible use of phones is expected at all times and any misuse which results in upset to any member of the school community will be viewed very seriously. If a pupil uses their phone in an inappropriate manner whilst in school they may be banned from carrying a phone during the school day. In this case the pupil will be required to hand their phone in at reception at the start of each day.