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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

Science Specialist

Inclusion Quality Mark Award

Stewards was delighted to receive a positive report from the Inclusion Quality Mark Assessor and confirmation that the school continues to be a lead in the field as a Flagship School. The summary report is shown here with the full version available for download at the bottom of the article.


Stewards Academy has inclusion at its core. It is not an add-on or an after thought. It is at the forefront of all developments. The Principal leads the way and she is well supported by her leadership team, her middle leaders, and her governors, who are all fully committed to the inclusive ethos and who translate the ethos into practice.

The atmosphere and climate in the school is warm and friendly and staff and students show great support for each other. No one is left out and staff know every student very well and go all out to meet their needs. The staff at all levels, are also fully included and are valued for the contribution they make. Continuing Professional Development and Performance Management & Appraisal is provided for all staff.

Teaching and learning is the core purpose of the school and teachers are well supported and ambitious to be the best they can be. Expectations of all stakeholders at the academy are high and there is no complacency. There is a real drive to keep on improving their practice in the classroom.

High quality care, guidance and support for young people in the academy is exceptional. Safeguarding planning and procedures are exceptional. Staff at all levels put students first.

The attitudes and behaviour of students are exemplary and they are really proud of their school. Students along with teachers and support staff have created an exceptionally safe, caring and supportive community to which they feel lucky to belong. Discussion with a very large number of students of all ages and abilities was inspiring. They are exceptionally proud to be part of Stewards Academy and wanted to tell me in great detail how they had been supported in their time at the school. Students are remarkably emotionally intelligent and support each other and are a credit to their teachers and their parents/carers.

There are many opportunities for students to have their voices heard and to take on many leadership roles. The Elections for Head Boy and Head Girl and their deputies is very stringent and they go through a very rigorous selection process. Prefects go through a similar process and they are very proud to be appointed to such high profile and important roles and most of all are very pleased to be able to give something back to the school. Older students become mentors for younger members of the academy and also support the newly arrived and those from abroad. This is just what they do to support each other.

The Ethnic Minority Pupil Voice Group is a very powerful group which has created an exceptional level of understanding between students of different backgrounds. This is a very important initiative as it shows the school is aware of the importance of taking positive action to include youngsters from different minority groups who are increasing in number in the school. Moreover, the leadership has been proactive in educating the young people in their care about the need to understand each other, to be tolerant and not

to be frightened of differences. Diversity is seen as a positive development and an important part of their education for life. Students are encouraged and enabled to become active citizens within their community and the SMSC curriculum and the whole school inclusion agenda makes this a reality.

I am of the opinion that the school continues to fully meet the standard required by the Inclusion Quality Mark and should continue to be accredited as an IQM Flagship School.