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Subject Intent

History is essential for providing the link between the past and the present. It provides the answer to how people and societies behave. It develops understanding of the human experience from an individual’s story to a whole society’s experience such as the British population during the Second World War. A high-quality History curriculum is one where pupils are able to study a range of societies from Britain and abroad and develop an understanding of change and continuity in both.  It is an essential discipline for developing skills in analysis, evaluation and communication. History provides us all with the opportunity to develop empathy and be better informed of the world around us.


The aim of history is to provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in the key concepts of change and continuity, cause and consequence and explaining historical significance. The History curriculum ensures that all pupils:
  • Recognise change and continuity throughout time.
  • Gain an understanding of the historical significance of certain events and individuals.
  • Widen their knowledge of societies in the past both in Britain and abroad.
  • Develop analytical skills in essay writing and when working with sources.
  • Construct arguments and take part in discussion.Develop critical thinking skills to question evidence.




History is an endlessly fascinating topic and pupils at Stewards Academy are enthused by the subject. From the Vikings to the Second World War students at Stewards Academy study a diverse range of topics.

History enables pupils to develop an understanding of Britain and the wider world. It encompasses a range of subjects and encourages students to share their opinion.

History is important because it helps pupils develop analytical skills and recognise key historical concepts such as change and continuity.

Students are expected to carry out their own research at home on the topics that they study. An interest in current affairs is also highly encouraged. Homework consists of task that builds towards the end of term assessment which is completed in class over a series of lessons.

Students are taught in mixed ability tutor groups and study the following topics:

Year 7

Year 8

The Normans

Medieval England

The Tudors

The English Civil War

The Slave Trade

The British Empire

The Causes of the First World War

The First World War-The Battle of the Somme

Women’s Suffrage

The Rise of the Nazis

The Second World War

Key Stage 4

GCSE History at Stewards begins in Year 9. Students follow the Edexcel GCSE History specification. The course is designed to allow students to develop knowledge from a variety of time periods and countries. Trips to IWM Duxford, IWM London and the First World War Battlefields are great opportunities that the department offers to GCSE History students. Students take three exams at the end of Year 11.

Unit 1 Warfare and British Society 1250-Present 30% of qualification

Medieval Warfare

Early Modern Warfare


First World War

Second World War

Modern Warfare 

Unit 2 Henry VIII and his ministers 1509-1540/ The Cold War 1941-91 40% of qualification

Henry VIII

Henry VIII and Wolsey 1509-1529

Henry VIII and Cromwell 1529-40

The Reformation and its impact 1529-40

The Cold War

The Development of the Cold War 1941-56

The Three Cold War Crises: Berlin, Cuba and Czechoslovakia 1957-69

Détente 1967-79

Reagan, Gorbachev and the end of the Cold War 1979-1991

Unit 3 The USA, 1954–75: conflict at home and abroad 30% of qualification

The Development of the Civil Rights Movement 1954-60

Protest, Progress and Radicalism 1960-75

US involvement in the Vietnam War 1954-75

Opposition to the Vietnam War 1964-75