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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

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Pupil Expectations

At Stewards Academy, we believe that before learning can take place, the school ethos, and a positive attitude to learning of every pupil need to be firmly established. Our systems and structures ensure consistent practice and high expectations of personal conduct. Developing young people’s sense of right and wrong is the responsibility of all. Our pupils understand that mistakes and failure are necessary for success and are taught to reflect, show resilience, and take personal responsibility for moving forward positively; we embrace the teaching of procedures and routines for classroom tasks to optimise learning and engagement; our Study Skills Programme ensures pupils have the knowledge, skills, and attributes to become a life-long learner.

We are grateful of the support of our parent body, who work collaboratively with the school to support in achieving the very highest of standards.

Below you will find documents that include information regarding uniform, equipment, and standards of conduct. Further information can be found in the behaviour policy in the policies section of the website.