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Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) is second nature to Stewards Academy and we have shown our dedication and determination to ensure this is conveyed to all year groups.

The Ethic Minority Pupil Voice group (EMPV) group acts as a key vehicle for pupil voice. The students who are part of this group are responsible for supporting and promoting the development of whole school cultural and planning a sequence of events across the school calendar which reflect the diversity of the school community – for example, The Cultural Food Event, The Cultural Fashion Event, Cultural Diversity sessions.

The EMPV group meet regularly to discuss important issues that have happened around the world namely issues surrounding the news such as the Orlando shooting, Paris shooting etc. The members also work on projects which feed into the Cultural Diversity sessions. Each group works on a part of the world of their choice and researching different sections such as food, clothes, language, culture and traditions; all information is then used to prepare as a power point format and will is converted to booklets to be used by other pupils in school.

Finally, we ensure that all curriculum areas offer a diet of cultural diversity to support the Academy’s outstanding grade from Ofsted in the realm of SMSC.

Quotes from members of the EMPV:

"It’s a place where our voices are heard loud and clear. Everyone is equal".

"I am proud to be a Head of EMPV because it is a chance to talk to people of different ethnicities and get a bigger point of view on people from different countries".

"I am extremely proud to be a part of the EMPV because we are one of the only schools to have it. I believe it is important to be involved and EMPV gives everyone a voice. This makes the Stewards family even more special".

"I am proud to be a head and member of the EMPV because we are an organisation like no other. What we have to offer to the pupils is something completely different and a lot of the pupils treasure it".

"The EMPV means a lot to me because no-one is left out and everyone is included. I don’t feel like I have to put on a face because the EMPV is a group where you can be yourself". 

"To me, EMPV means inclusion, everybody is included and nobody is different. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what religion you believe in or what ethnicity you are, we are all included".