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Subject Intent

WJEC Level ½ - Constructing the Built Environment, is a vocational based qualification, open to pupils who have taken an interest in a potential tradesperson career. The course intends to build on previously learned workshop skills and develop them on an industry level. The theoretical knowledge delivered, underpins the practical tasks and allows pupils to gain a true understanding of how the Construction industry operates. 


We aim to produce students with:

  • Concentration and perseverance
  • The ability to develop on skills learned during KS3
  • The ability to discover tiling, plumbing and electrics
  • Skills using manual tools and machines
  • An understanding of how interconnected are, raw materials, the products we use and the ways we dispose products.
  • A mind that questions why products take a particular form and how they can be improved
  • In depth health and safety knowledge surrounding the industry
  • Knowledge of a vast array of materials and processes
  • A detailed look into different job roles within the industry and what they entail
  • Knowledge and skills needed to project plan and manage a successful construction job


Y10 Y11

What is assessed:

  • Pupils ability to tile, carry out plumbing and wiring electrics, successfully
  • Evidence to support the practical tasks
  • Health and safety/security on a construction site
  • Job roles of construction workers and what they entail

How will it be assessed:

  • Peer, self, and teacher assessment
  • Y10 PPE
  • Internally assessed by teacher

What is assessed:

  • Pupils ability to develop on construction skills
  • Unit 1 on safety and security
  • Unit 3 on job roles and structure of the industry

How will it be assessed:

  • Unit 1 exam at the end of Y11 on safety and security is externally assessed -
  • Unit 2 on practical construction skills is internally assessed
  • Unit 3 on job roles, structure of the industry and planning construction jobs is internally assessed

All units need to be passed to achieve a desired grade