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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

Science Specialist

2020 - 2021

Many congratulations to our award winners.

Mia Todd

Mia has shown great resilience over the last few years overcoming several difficulties within the family home. Despite going through difficult times Mia has always maintained a high standard of education as well as maintaining a positive outlook on life. She demonstrates continual effort in lessons and will always catch-up on any work missed. Mia has been committed to Pupil Voice and charity work throughout her time at Stewards. She stands up for herself and others who need support with maturity, her comments on those from working class backgrounds are always honest and thought-provoking. She has been a very hard working member of the Honours Programme and a completely fantastic court reporter articles for the national competition. Mia should be incredibly proud of her achievements and is a worthy winner of her Jack Petchey award.

Oliver Harrison

Oliver is a young man that despite the challenges he has had to face has shown great perseverance in his studies and good humour with those he works with. He has maintained an excellent attitude to learning and his willingness to help and support others goes above and beyond. Despite having been a young carer for his nan throughout her terminal illness, Oliver has always tried his best in lessons and kept a smile on face, even in the toughest moments. He has faced each new challenge with maturity and his peers and the staff that work with him appreciate his kindness, his honesty and his hard work and are keen to show recognition of these qualities through nominating him for a Jack Petchey award. Oliver has clear focus and drive as he prepares for life after Stewards and we wish him the best of luck in his plans to be a chef. Well done Oliver, we are honoured to present you with this award.