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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

Science Specialist

2018 - 2019

Many congratulations to our award winners.


Rosie has always tried her best at school and is hard-working and conscientious pupil. She is an excellent role-model to the younger pupils and her peers who value her dedication to charity work. This year, Rosie has led the charity team, of which she has been a member throughout her time at Stewards, diligently and supported both local and national charities.



Sara has shown great commitment to academy life over her 5 years at Stewards. She is dedicated to the Performing Arts and has participated in many productions, concerts and showcases. Sara is a superb role model to her peers and younger pupils who value her kindness and support. She is a strong leader of the School Council and takes her position of responsibility seriously.



Connor has made huge progress academically and socially during his time at Stewards Academy. He has shown real determination to succeed and is the embodiment of the 5Rs-resourcefulness, respect, resilience, responsibility, reflection- attributes that make up an excellent Stewards learner. Connor should be congratulated for his hard work and is a worthy recipient of the Jack Petchey award.



Megan has shown great resilience and determination during her lessons, particularly in GCSE Maths. She is a diligent pupil who always works hard at every task and has a desire to succeed. Megan is always supportive of her peers, offering help when needed. She is an excellent role model to younger pupils and many were inspired by a talk she delivered on the importance of taking studies seriously from year 7.



Amelia is a kind, courteous and extremely hard working pupil. She is a great role model to the younger pupils and is supportive of her peers. Amelia takes her positions of responsibility this year and has been a dedicated prefect and Head of Charity team where she has helped to lead other pupils in preparations for various charity activities throughout the year. Outside of the school day Amelia commits her time to volunteering at Harlow Gymnastic Club.



Scott is a lovely young man who is committed to doing well with his studies and in his sports training. He is a keen triathlete who successfully gained a place on the GB team to compete in Spain. Scott manages his time superbly and never lets his dedication to sport impact on his school work. He embodies the 5Rs and has been a pleasure to teach during his 5 years at Stewards.



Lennon has been a committed member of the School Council throughout his time at Stewards. He is an excellent role model to his peers and younger pupils, and this has been shown through his work as Deputy Head Boy this year and through prefecting, charity work and assembly presentations. Lennon has been dedicated to the performing arts, both on stage and behind the scenes; most recently stepping in at short notice as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival cast. He is a wonderful young man and a worthy recipient of a Jack Petchey award.



Peace is a hardworking and diligent young lady. She has the desire to do well and seizes every opportunity to develop and improve in her academic studies. Peace has been an excellent leader of the EMPV group and has offered lots of suggestions to enhance the opportunities for the pupils that attend. She has encouraged and supported younger pupils both through her work with the EMPV group and as a prefect. Peace is a superb ambassador and is admired by both her peers and many younger students for her kindness and commitment to all she does.



Karolina was nominated by her peers for her charity work; including baking cakes and raising money through donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust. Karolina is a great all-rounder and works incredibly hard at all she does. Karolina has been an excellent leader of the EMPV pupil voice group this year and a vocal member of the School Council: Her views and opinions are always well considered and appreciated. Karolina is an excellent role model to others.


Miss Rafferty

Miss Rafferty has worked at Stewards Academy for just over 4 years. After just two years, she became Subject Leader and has transformed the department, through her excellent leadership, achieving outstanding results last year. She is extremely organised and enthusiastic, and a very supportive subject leader who leads by example. As a teacher, she is passionate and motivating, with her pupils always going the extra mile because of her encouragement and dedication.