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Stewards Academy

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Chinese New Year Celebrations

Stewards Academy celebrate Chinese New Year with a variety of activities to promote Chinese culture and language. Chinese teacher Mrs Kang said “We are very excited about our pupils learning more about China and we have organised a programme of activities this week to support this.”

Films and quizzes have been organised and the Chinese garden has been specially decorated with traditional Chinese symbols and lanterns. Pupils from the Chinese club have made special items to go on show. Prizes were awarded to those who guess the answers to some riddles posted around the garden.

Head Teacher Ms Murthar said “We are proud of our reputation as an International School as recognised by the British Council. We have a partner school in Jiangsu Province and recently hosted a visit by 4 Chinese teachers from there. The spring festival provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate Chinese New year and share some of the customs and traditions of the festival.”

Martin Davidson, Chief Executive of the British Council and a Chinese speaker said “A good understanding of Chinese culture and language will give our young people the advantage they need to live in a global society and complete in a global economy.”