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Stewards Academy launches new reading scheme.


Reading has always been a priority at Stewards Academy, and with the advent of a new reading scheme, it has moved even higher up the agenda.

Newly appointed Reading Manager, Simon Ginger explains:

“Reading forms the cornerstone of school life. If we can get every pupil at Stewards Academy to become the best reader that they can be, then we are providing them with the building blocks for success at school, as well as later in life.”

In order to achieve this goal, a computer application called Renaissance Learning is being used which underpins the reading scheme and allows us to do three things:

Test the pupils. The computer based test, which takes about 15 minutes, provides us with an estimate of each pupil’s reading ability and, importantly gives them a range of books that they can choose from the school library, which are most likely to engage them to read more.

Motivate them to read. After the pupil has read a book from within their range, they undertake a quiz on the computer which tests their understanding of the book. Points are awarded for each book read, and these points count towards a target. Once the target is achieved, a certificate is awarded and a new target set.

Measure progress. The performance of each individual pupil can be tracked as they read and take their quiz. If necessary a pupil can be targeted with 1-2-1 reading sessions, whilst those achieving their targets are rewarded with certificates.

Although in its infancy the indications are that the scheme is motivating pupils to read more, with a six fold increase in books borrowed from the library compared with the same period last year. A further reading test is scheduled to take place at the end of the spring term which will show us how far each pupil has travelled on their reading journey.