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Stewards Academy

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Enterprize Extravaganza



Pupils in Year 7 at Stewards Academy had a very successful Enterprise Extravaganza recently.






Each tutor group had to prepare a business plan and make a presentation in front of the Stewards “Dragons” – Jacky Hampstead, Mark Harman and Gary Cooper. In order to receive £20 for their tutor group to go ahead with their plan, the proposal had to be financially viable. Each tutor group spent 3 lunchtimes making their sales pitch to staff and pupils.

The final results showed that altogether Year 7 made £580 in profit. The winning tutor group was 7EM under the guidance of the tutor and co-tutor, Eman Mohammed and Rebecca Munro. 7EM made £187 profit. The winning tutor group decided that all the profits made would go towards a quiet garden area in the school grounds.


7EM £180.64

7SPL £121.22

7DS £80.84

7NLM £58.81

7AS £52.53

7JGH £32.10

7TS £30.67

7KW £14.30

Making a grand total of £571.11.