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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

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Stewards Academy Perform Shakespeare.

Once again we performed at Broxbourne Civic Hall in the annual Shakespeare's Schools Festival with an exciting performance of Othello.

The festival director Chris Grace described the production by Stewards as excellent with a great dramatic opening and great storytelling. He even broke his usual rule of not singling out individuals by mentioning the superb performance of Joe Mulligan as the villain Iago. No production of Othello works without a credible villain or a 'smiling assassin' and Joe showed he was more than ready to step up to the mark! Acting by the cast was described as 'strong and credible' and 'very talented.' Even the backstage support was complimented as being really focused. All the main characters were described as 'strong'. Chris Grace concluded that 'We are all going away with a real buzz! Well done to all concerned and well directed. One heck of a great evening.'


Mrs Erwood Assistant Headteacher