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7th Cultural Food Event

The 7th annual Cultural Food Event was particularly poignant this year in the light of the loss of Hira Shakoor and her brothers and sister in the house fire which took place earlier in the week. The Ethnic Minority Pupil Voice Group was determined to carry on and hold the event despite this tragedy, as Hira had been a very committed member of the group and was planning the Tutor Group table along with the rest of 8CH. So the event went ahead and a book of condolence was made available for visitors to sign.

Hundreds of people packed the Hall to capacity as food from over 30 countries from around the world was represented – from Latvia, Russia, China, Australia, Wales, Scotland, Kenya, Thailand, Nigeria, France and of course England – to name but a few! Heads of the EMPV Group Ellie Thompson and Nqoba Mvitsho introduced the event. Pupils performed an Arabic dance, Latvian student Anastasia Smirnova sang in Russian, a group of pupils demonstrated Chinese martial arts and as has become traditional the Efua Sey African dancers and drummers were as inspirational as always. Staff, parents, governors and members of the local community were bowled over by the enthusiasm of the pupils and the sense of community which pervaded the whole event. One parent commented “This is what makes Stewards unique, even in such a heart breaking week the school has managed to come together as one big family and celebrate the harmony of cultural diversity.” Former Head of EMPV Matt Walton said “Every year we think the event cannot get any bigger or better – and yet every year it does! I am very proud to be associated with this amazing school.” We are sure that Hira would have been proud of us.