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Review: Stewards Academy are the Champions with Fantastic Production of ‘We Will Rock You’

Our recent production resulted in an impressive review from Your Harlow.

Stewards Academy produced a sensational version of West End smash ‘We Will Rock You’. This was the culmination of five long months of hard work. Doing ‘We Will Rock You’ is very risky. These are Queen songs, sung by Freddie Mercury. One of the greatest rock singers of all time. If you don’t have really good singers, then this is going to be a disaster. This..was..a..triumph! Stewards were blessed with some remarkable singers. Within the first ten minutes, Lena Cichonczyk as Galileo produced a confident and passionate “I Want To Break Free” and this was followed by a rousing “Somebody To Love” by Grace Dell. They both commanded the stage and after the first twenty minutes had the audience in the palm of their hand. Grace was also a fine comedy actress with a great line in sarcasm. Each actor made their part their own. From Cian Sensoy’s Matrix like menace as Kashoggi to Harleigh Kirton as Buddy who also sang a very touching “Days Of Our Lives”. But we don’t want people to feel this was a series of fine individual performances. A lot of credit goes to the singers and dancers that made up the Yuppies. They had a vital role to play on stage and in the audience. They never put a foot wrong. But we return to the subject of singing. Logan Spry produced a top quality version of Killer Queen, all leopard skin evil as she commanded the stage and the song. Credit at this point must go to Director Abbie Martin and her team. You could tell that over the last five months, the pupils have learned a huge amount about stage craft. You could also see from the detailed programme that many of the performers held back stage roles as well. That is going to help them a great deal in the future. These were singers, who got the songs. You can’t recite Under Pressure. You really have to live that song on stage and again, Lena and Grace did that. Their joy and pleasure at being on stage was noticeable with an infectious enthusiasm. Each actor made each role their own.”