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Open Evening 2023

Stewards Academy was thrilled to welcome hundreds of prospective pupils and families for our annual Open Evening on Thursday 14th September. Staff and prefects were on hand throughout the evening to welcome our visitors and talk about why Stewards is an excellent choice for prospective pupils and parents.


Visitors had the opportunity to have a guided tour of the site with one of our Years 8-11 prefects or explore the departments at their own pace. They were also able to listen to talks from Helen Ginger, Headteacher and Mark Scholtes, Senior Deputy Headteacher, Stephen Drew, Deputy Headteacher, and Vic Goddard, PCLC. These speeches were followed by ten of our wonderful students: Head Girl Precious, Head Boy Dariusz and Mason, Ciara, Abdul, Sofia, Sara, Zach, Denzel-Howard, Cordelia from Year 7. If you were unable to see the speeches, and would like to, these are available on the Your Harlow YouTube channel.

Mrs da Vighi, Enrichment Co-Ordinator and Open Evening organiser, said: "It was absolutely wonderful to host our first highly successful event of the year. It is a huge testament to the work we do at Stewards that over 200 pupils, including our Year 11 Student Leadership Team and a large number of our new Year 7 cohort, helped prefect in the evening. The pupils are an absolute credit to the academy and this has been recognised by the large number of visitors who spoke to members of staff at the end of their evening or have taken the time to email their thanks.


It was also great to speak with so many prospective pupils and their parents; a number of whom are former Stewards’ pupils themselves. There was a lot of reminiscing as they stopped off to look at our special wall of alumni year group photos!


The evening also saw a large number of the Class of 2023 come to visit and share with us where they have moved onto following their recent exam results. It was lovely to see them all.”