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Stewards Academy

Science Specialist

Christmas Lectures 2020

Stewards Academy held its annual Science Christmas lectures on Friday 11th December. The Science department treated Year 7s to a day of fun activities and explosive demonstrations.

To start the day, students were given an engineering challenge in “Tinsel Towers”. Using spaghetti, tape and string, students had to try and build a tower that was both tall and strong enough to hold the weight of a marshmallow. We saw some incredible structures, some pupils creating towers that were over 70cm tall!

Our second lesson, “Christmas Delights” went off with a bang as students were treated to a series of explosive and colourful chemistry demonstrations. Hydrogen rockets, screaming jelly babies and carbon snakes were just a few of the fun experiments on show and were met with much excitement.

In “A Very Metal Christmas”, our year 7s learned all about the properties of metals. Students were delighted by the light spectacle of the flame test experiment – where metal compounds burn with amazing different colours. To round the day off, Year 7s were tasked with creating their own Christmas decorations using wire and beads.

One pupil said: “I loved seeing all the experiments and really seeing science come alive. I’ve had a great day” and another declared how much they “enjoyed the screaming jelly babies one!”

Russell Perrin, Assistant Headteacher, said: “After a difficult year, the science department was determined to bring a piece of normality to Stewards by hosting our annual Christmas lectures. We are so pleased we were able to continue this now long-established tradition. We hope our Year 7s had as much fun as the staff did!”