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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

Science Specialist

Year7 Science Lectures

Pupils at Stewards Academy have taken part in the ever-popular annual Science Christmas Lectures. Year 7s were treated to a whole day of fun and educational science activities.
The day started with a very important task indeed – save Christmas! In “Seismic Santa”, pupils were asked to build a bridge to help Father Christmas, who had been separated from his toy factory after an earthquake! The students were put into teams and needed to build a stable and strong bridge using only limited resources. Luckily for Santa, many of our engineering Year 7s were able to succeed.

The students then took a trip to a “Christmas Delight” and the “Winter Wonderland” to take part in our amazing demonstrations. Whizzes, bangs and whoops of delight were heard across the department as our teachers put on an extravaganza of chemistry wizardry.
Finally, Year 7 stopped off at “A Very Metal Christmas” where students learned all about the properties of metals. Lemon batteries and explosive alkali metals were on the agenda before finishing off the day with Christmas tree decoration crafting using wire and beads.  
Elissa Zakaria described her experience: “I really enjoyed the Christmas Lectures. Seeing all the different chemical reactions made me see how fun science can be!”