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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

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Young Citizens Mock Magistrates’ competition

Sixteen pupils from Stewards Academy attended Stratford Magistrates Court on Saturday 9th March to take part in the national Young Citizens Mock Magistrates' Court competition.


To prepare for this pupils have been studying details of a theft case and organising possible evidence for both defence and prosecution teams. They have also met two magistrates that visited the Academy earlier in the term.

On the day itself, the pupils put on two fantastic performances with the defence in action first providing a solid defence leading to a not-guilty verdict followed by a very hard fought battle with the eventual competition winners. As well as the two rounds in court, pupils were able to meet and question people from a variety of services who support the court system, they were handcuffed, tagged and allowed to visit the court cells and transport vans.

Holly Sherwood, Assistant Headteacher and trip leader, said: “It was wonderful to see two very strong team performances and testament to the pupils that a spectator from the court system said that they would give real lawyers a tough fight in court! The pupils displayed great confidence and knowledge and I am so proud of all of them. This was our first entry into the competition but you would not have known this from the amazing efforts of Stewards pupils. Stewards was joint runners-up, a superb performance, well done!”