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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

Science Specialist

Year 7 Parent/Student Evening

Stewards School parents of Year 7 pupils returned to the classroom on 10th November. 


This was part of the schools community cohesion policy in which parents, students and staff work together to support the learning of the pupils, and also provide parents with a clearer understanding of the experiences that the students receive at Stewards School. It was not clear who were the most nervous, the staff, students or parents, but for many parents it triggered a lot of happy memories of times spent at school. Parents were able to select from a range of subjects that represented all areas of the curriculum – many selected subjects that they themselves found difficult rather than particular areas of interest and this is what the evening was really all about – empowering the parents to have the confidence to support their child with their learning. To the best of our knowledge no lines or detentions were given to any parents. The lessons were a great success and it was fabulous to observe students working alongside their parents together in a whole range of subjects, fathers and sons cooking spaghetti bolognaise and mums working in the technology department using the pillar drills and saws and learning about electronic circuits. Feedback on the whole evening was fantastic. Parents evaluated each lesson that they had attended and all parents said that they found the evening enjoyable and beneficial with the vast majority saying they would like more opportunities like this. Some of the comments were:

 “More evenings like this – they certainly help me to be more actively involved in teaching my child at home”.

 “What a fantastic evening, wish it went on longer. Can’t believe I have used a Bunsen


 “The school is doing a good job at teaching skills”.