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Stewards Academy Digs into the Past


Nine Stewards Academy pupils were involved in Cambridge University’s Archaeological Dig programme before the summer holidays. Stewards has been invited to participate in this for a number of years and it is an excellent opportunity for pupils to explore the past.

The participants - Kane, Lewis, Seven, Klaudia, Molly, Carys, Chloe, Bailey and James - attended a three-day course; two days conducting practical field work and a day learning how to write up the information they had recorded using university-based skills. Pupils spent their summer holidays writing up their projects in the form of university dissertations.

One participant said: “The Archaeological Dig was amazing. It allowed me to participate in new experiences and meet lots of great people. I am so pleased I got to be part of it and I’m really proud of my result.”

Holly Sherwood, Assistant Headteacher and trip organiser said: “At Stewards we truly believe in providing rich educational experiences for our pupils. For this group of high achieving pupils, the opportunity to work alongside some amazing people from one of the best universities in the country will be one they remember forever. We are extremely proud of the results our pupils our achieved, they are the highest on record with three of the pupils- Carys, Seven and Molly, gaining an equivalent GCSE Grade 8. Well done to them all!”