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Stewards Academy

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Stewards remembers...

It is easy to forget the sacrifices that have gone before us but pupils at Stewards Academy took the time to reflect and remember as one. 

In a culmination of a week of ‘Remembrance’ the entire staff and student body observed a two minutes silence in the Quad, with the Last Post providing a sombre and fitting tribute. A number of pupils are members of scout and cadet groups and wore their respective uniforms as a mark of unity and respect. 

‘Remembrance’ was the focus of all assemblies led thoughtfully by Jamie King, Head of Humanities. Pupils were reminded of the sacrifices of the ‘Great War’ and those that followed as well as having time to reflect on what war and loss mean to them. 

Staff and pupils who participate in Stewards’ knitting club worked avidly to produce poppies for a new display. The display was thoughtfully prepared by Colin Hawk, History teacher, Bill Fiddes, Technology technician, and Deborah Leech, Art technician: It honours the men of Harlow who sacrificed their lives.  

Helen Ginger, Headteacher, said: “As I cast my eyes over the many faces that make up the Stewards Family, I felt an overwhelming sense of deep respect and unity. Our young people make us very proud - the future is safe in their hands. I would also like to thank the pupils and staff that created this very special display- it demonstrates the respect, commitment, hard work and tenacity of all involved. It has pride of place outside my office and will remain there to remind us all of the sacrifices made by others.”  

Stewards Academy has been extremely appreciative of its relationship with a number of former WW2 veterans, who have played a significant role in Stewards life over the past 13 years. These men have spoken to many pupils and staff over the years and they will be forever commemorated in our displays and in our hearts and as we have said so many times in November: ‘At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, 
We will remember them.’