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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

Science Specialist


Stewards has yet again come up trumps for charity. Children in Need Day gave the pupils an opportunity to dress up as fictional characters – and the staff joined in as well! 

A competition saw Joseph Thomas and Grace Burns in Year 7 as winners in their Dalek and Dorothy outfits. Head of Year Karen Batterham was the Wicked Witch of the West! A grand total of £1,320.11 was raised – our money from individual pupils is still coming in. Assistant Headteacher Marie Erwood said “The generosity of pupils, parents and staff is always amazing”. Just recently the staff were asked to put in bids for an auction of individual penguins made by the schools display technician Sharon Young – herself an ex-pupil. These penguins were auctioned in aid of the Wooden Spoon Children’s Charity. Governor Jon Hewlett had recently completed a daunting challenge in the Lake District and over £600 was raised for this worthy cause. Stewards is now preparing for the collection of donations in place of Christmas cards for St Clare Hospice.