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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

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Exam Results 2018

At Stewards Academy the commitment and hard work of both the pupils and staff has yet again paid off with a very pleasing set of GCSE Exam results.

The core subjects continue to go from strength to strength and see further improvements this year, with maths achieving 72% and English 73% Grades 4-9 (equivalent to A*-C).

A number of subjects were delighted to achieve their best results including Spanish 92%, Biology 100%, Physics 100% and Chemistry 96%.

The top five students achieved an amazing 48 top grades between them (A/A* or 7-9).

Emily Oliver, one of our top performers, achieved 12 top grades. Emily said: “The new system has been a challenge, but I couldn’t be happier with my results. At Sixth Form I hope to go on to study History, Psychology, Art and possibly Spanish. I feel so proud knowing that I’ve worked hard and achieved the grades I wanted. I can’t thank the teachers enough for their support during the exams. They worked so hard for us and I will never forget my experience at Stewards.”

Headteacher Helen Ginger said: “Stewards Academy continues to provide an excellent well-rounded education. I am thrilled that the hard work of both pupils and staff has paid off.”

Our top performers from left to right:

Ethan Baldry, Abigail Johnson, Emily Oliver, Amie Stingemore, Laura Bracey-Curry, Eleanor Sibley, Max Leijs, Aileen Bovelle, Maizy Egginton, Chris Meader