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Stewards Academy

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Cultural Fashion Event

Stewards Academy drew an enthusiastic audience to support their third Cultural Fashion Event.  All of the 180 pupils involved were members of the longstanding and award-winning Ethnic Minority Pupil Voice group (EMPV).  Organiser Eman Mohamed along with the Heads of EMPV Adam Fleming and Tania Mamvura ensured the event was a colourful and celebratory occasion.

The elegant evening included a fashion show, two dance routines choreographed by Kerri Trowsdale, two beautifully sung songs by Janet Randazzo (in Italian) and Charlotte Goodenough (in French) and food from across the globe which was enjoyed by everyone. 

Eman Mohamed, leader of the EMPV, said: "Students are always keen to take part in this event and always express how it builds their confidence.  This is one event where all students are seen as one and we can celebrate diversity with pride.  Once again it was a successful event and I would like to thank the students dedication and both staff and parents for their continued support".

One member of the audience said: "The message I got was loud and clear; it does not matter who you are, what size, shape, or where you are from, Stewards truly encourages students to understand that everyone is equal."