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Javed Visit

Stewards Academy was delighted to host a visit by twenty seven year old Javed Moore into year 7 and 9 assemblies this week. The visit was organised by science teacher Eman Mohamed as part of the Stewards Enrichment week focus on Disability. Javed is a life long sufferer of cerebral palsy and he has never been able to move any part of his body below his neck. However despite having enormously complex special needs, Javed attended mainstream schools and his disability did not stop him from passing his GCSEs and A levels and gaining a University place. Javed now gives motivational lectures to school children and students. He spoke to the children at Stewards Academy about how important it is to be resilient and determined in life, and never allow any barriers to stand in the way of achieving your goals. The children listened spellbound to every word from Javed, who is able to speak electronically through his computer, in the same way that Professor Steven Hawking does. After a standing ovation, children queued up to speak to Javed personally and thank him for going to so much trouble to visit us at Stewards, and for inspiring every one of us to never give up on our dreams.

Deputy Headteacher Marie Erwood said 'I have had the honour of being at many special assemblies in my 40 year career in Harlow, but listening to Javed today was truly inspirational. Javed personifies all the values we hold dear at Stewards, and our pupils and staff were truly moved by his courage and willpower not to let his disability hold him back. He was an inspiration to every one of us.'