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Stewards Academy

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Kingsmoor Primary Visit – Water, Water Everywhere


Stewards Academy played host to Kingsmoor Academy when the pupils visited Stewards to take part in a number of science investigations all related to water. Year 3 – 6 pupils set off Hydrogen/Oxygen Rockets making water in the process. They got to use a Bunsen burner and they tested different foods for the presence of water.

Angela Lymbouris, Assistant Principal at Kingsmoor who attend the visit, said: “Thanks again for such a fun and valuable experience on Monday. The children absolutely loved it and have shared their learning with their classes back at school; there was a real buzz from them whilst they were sharing what they had learnt.”

Russell Perrin Subject Leader for Science at Stewards Academy who hosted the visit said: “The pupils from Kingsmoor were extremely well behaved. They showed a keen interest in the science they were studying – particularly when they got to use a Bunsen burner! I had a great time sharing the afternoon with the pupils and staff from Kingsmoor and I look forward to seeing them again soon.”