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Dr Anstey Visit

Stewards Academy was thrilled to welcome back former Newfoundland trainee teacher Dr Robert Anstey for a flying visit last week. Dr Anstey has remained in close contact with his former History department colleague Deputy Headteacher Marie Erwood, since he completed his teacher training at Stewards in 1994.

He has since gone on to achieve great things in his career. He is now the Headteacher of Alexander Academy in Vancouver and has been honoured to receive the Canadian teacher of the year award, as well as becoming a published author. Dr Anstey was in England in order to pursue the International Baccalaureate Award for his school at Oxford University. He had a whirlwind two days at Stewards meeting former colleagues, going in to speak to classes and meeting individual pupils. The children found him to be warm, genuine in his passion for education and indebted to Stewards for giving him such invaluable training in his future career.

In his words, ‘Stewards is an amazing place to be educated and since I trained here I have travelled a great deal and taught all over the world, but I have never found anywhere to equal Stewards. I left a piece of my heart here in 1994 and here it will remain. I wish I were here for longer; yet again your staff and particularly your pupils have inspired me and I hope I can come back again soon.’