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Stewards Academy

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International Women's Day

Students from Stewards Academy were lucky enough to be involved with the Google DeepMind event organised in celebration of International Women’s Day on 8th March. Twelve year 10 girls were accompanied by two members of staff as they experienced a range of activities. 

The day included many interesting talks and interactive presentations from a wide range of female scientists and engineers. Each scientist and engineer shared their learning and career journey with the girls from the time they were in secondary school. The students found this particularly interesting as they realised that not all successful people knew what career they wanted to pursue when they were teenagers; in fact most of the experts had different careers in their first few years after university and then switched after they found a new passion to pursue.


DeepMind showcased and explained the use of some of their highly advanced algorithms and robotics. This left the students and staff truly amazed as they didn’t realise how close humans actually are to developing Artificial Intelligence!   

John Flood, trip leader said: “This was an awe-inspiring day and we have all learnt a lot.” 

One student said: “This STEM trip opened up my eyes to all the different kinds of careers in STEM. I didn’t realise there are so many! It was also a relief to hear from the scientists that they didn’t have everything planned out at our age!” Another student said: “The best part of the trip was that it showed there are many different opportunities in STEM, and always new things to try. I’ve really enjoyed it!”