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Stewards Academy

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Stewards host Finnish exchange students.

Stewards Academy played host to Finnish pupils and teachers from Puistola School, our partner school in Helsinki, Finland. The partnership between our two schools was established during 2014 and since then we have worked together to promote internationalism and cultural understanding between our two schools.

As part of this educational and cultural exchange the Finnish children, alongside their Stewards host students from years 8 and 9, took part in a wide range of activities both within Stewards Academy and during day trips to London and Cambridge.

The Finnish teachers had the opportunity to observe a range of lessons during their visit and they were impressed by the variety of high quality teaching styles they observed in lessons and the quality of work being produced by the pupils.

International Dimension Co-ordinator, Paul Hickman said: “In just a few short days some firm friendships and shared experiences have been established. We look forward to continuing to work with Puistola School in the years to come with more exchange visits and further close co-operation between our two schools. We can’t wait to visit Helsinki in 2017!”