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The Square Event


Stewards Academy GCSE Music students performed at The Square on Tuesday 11th October. It was the Academy’s fourth performance at the venue since 2013.

The evening gave the young performers an opportunity to play at an established live music venue and gain insight into the experiences of a professional musician. The performances were independently arranged and rehearsed by the pupils and showcased GCSE bands from years 9-11. A special guest performance of year 7 and 8 Rock Club helped to open the night’s performance.

Commenting on the success of the evening Year 10 student Paige Durling said “The Square was yet another amazing performance in GCSE Music, and we all supported each other which made the night even better.”

Grace Melton (year 10) expressed her concern over the plans to close The Square due to redevelopment of the site, “I don’t know what we would do without The Square; The Square is an amazing place and I felt this year was better than last year’s performance. I definitely feel more confident and I feel The Square has helped me with that.”

Stuart Barden, Subject Leader for Music at Stewards, said: “The performances made me very proud to teach these pupils. They are real musicians cutting their teeth on a real stage, in a real venue. It is in places like The Square that the stars of tomorrow are born. We need to ensure the survival of The Square so that the young musicians of Harlow have an opportunity to hone their skills and develop their understanding of the music industry.”