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Past Pupil Story


To Parents and Students of Stewards,

I recently came to visit Mrs Erwood. She asked me to write about what I have accomplished in the 10 years since graduating as an example of how many opportunities are out there.

Now to start with, I’d like to say I was no A* student, I managed C and B grades in my GCSE’s because I worked hard, not because I was the smartest.

After Stewards, I went on to College and then University. Shamefully I did not make it through University, after 6 months I had realised that tertiary education was not for me at that stage of my life.

But this did not stop me from trying to find the life I wanted to live. I made the choice to go travelling, with a Working Holiday Visa and return flights to New Zealand I set out to explore a new country and its culture.

Within one year I was hooked, I loved life in New Zealand and enjoyed traveling to new places.

I have now lived in New Zealand for 4 years and spent time in many different towns. I have worked as a Snowmaker on ski fields every winter as I realised how much I loved the snow and thoroughly enjoyed the work. My summers have been spent going new places and trying new things; I’ve had various jobs from working in a Furniture shop, to a Tour Guide / Coach Driver for a Jet Boat company.

I also spent 4-5 months travelling in Australia to see what it was like; I found it harder to find work but very rewarding.

This is my first trip back to the UK to see my family and spend Christmas at home. I have brought my partner with me and we are travelling around Europe as she is a Kiwi (New Zealander). We have travelled the length of the UK and been to Ireland. In the New Year we are heading off through France, Spain and Andorra to enjoy lots of skiing and sightseeing.

In a few months once we are done with our travels around Europe, we are heading back to New Zealand for another winter season. We may stay in one spot and work for a year or so but then we have plans to travel some more. I want to visit both Canada and Japan during their winter seasons and I will hopefully be able to work there as you can get work visas for these countries also.

I feel very privileged to have had so many great opportunities and still more adventures to look forward to.  It comes down to the person I have become through the strength and confidence given to me by the wonderful teachers at Stewards whom I consider family. They didn’t just give me an education; they taught me how to be the best person I can be.

So if you are struggling or even if you are not, outside of Stewards there is a big wide world to explore, it’s not just the boundaries of Harlow you can reach, but the edges of the world if you only try.

From Past Student

Mark Lewis