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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

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Freedom March

Students from Stewards Academy paid their respects to the Royal Anglian Regiment, for the resilience, service and sacrifice shown by our brave heroes and to welcome our troops back home The Freedom March. The Royal Anglian Regiment is a battle group in the British Army who were given the right to march in the town since being given the freedom of Harlow in 2012. They formed up by Harlow Post Office and marched through the town centre amidst cheering crowds to finish with an inspection outside the council offices in the Water Gardens.


Waiting at the end of the parade the students cheered and waved their Union Flags as the soldiers smartly formed up for the inspection. The Mayor of Harlow reminded the audience of the Resilience of the troops who lost comrades during their recent tour of duty.

The 24 Stewards students are all members of a uniformed youth organisation in and around Harlow and represented not only Stewards Academy but the Scouts, Guides, Sea/Army/Air/Marine Cadets and Boys Brigade. They were all very happy to witness and celebrate the soldiers’ safe return from recent tours in Afghanistan and Mali. Along with teacher Mr Ofori (Ex Royal Logistics Corps) the students wore their respective uniforms or Stewards Academy Uniform with pride.

Membership of these youth organisations have given the students an understanding of how being part of a team and wider family (as in Scout Troop or Cadet Detachment/Squadron etc.) can benefit not only their own development but also the wellbeing of society as a whole. This was reflected in their attitude and behaviour on the day and around school.

“The Marines pay for me to go on Adventure training trips where I get to meet people from all over the country. I really want a career in the Marines and cannot see myself doing anything else.” (Olivia Sullivan)

“Being a member of the cadets has given me a self-confidence I never knew I had and I have learnt to work as a member of a team to complete hard command tasks,” said Connor Martin.

“Being Scouts has showed us how we can be better citizens and this is why we wanted to be here to welcome our troops back, to show them we care and respect them and the job they do,” – Ben Lavery and Amy Raymond.