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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

Science Specialist

Sports Presentation Evening

Stewards Academy held a special event On Tuesday 7th July where 77 pupils who had worked hard across the year, without fear of failure, and demonstrated a thirst for excellence, were invited to Sports Presentation Evening. As teachers we spend most of our time looking to the future and thinking about the next event and sometimes forget to enjoy the present. This evening gives us an opportunity to stop and reflect, an opportunity to celebrate the contribution these pupils have made to the PE department and to the school.

It is the commitment of these pupils and their determination that inspire us as teachers to work harder and provide them with more opportunities to show their full potential. The look on the pupils’ faces demonstrates how much the evening means to them personally and springboards their aspirations further to become even more successful in the future. They wear their tops with pride and see their names displayed in the Academy’s trophy cabinet.