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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

Science Specialist

Presentation Evening

Stewards Academy celebrated the achievements of its pupils at a glittering awards evening this week. The hall was full to bursting with proud pupils, their families, staff and Governors. 148 pupils were recognised for their contribution to the life of Stewards, their selfless commitment to supporting local and national charities, and their academic success in school and at GCSE. 10 past students returned to receive their recognition for their exam achievements last summer. Guest of honour, writer, broadcaster and campaigner Melissa Benn, spoke with passion about the value of inclusive comprehensive education. She spoke about the pride which people have in our unique NHS, but felt that “we should equally cherish and celebrate state education”. Melissa Benn was thrilled to see that Stewards embraced all the values of the comprehensive ideal. She also spoke about how important it was for young people to build their character at school and be the best that they can be in a local and a global community. Headteacher, Rhonda Murthar, had spoken similarly about the importance of young people developing their character and resilience in order to be successful in a modern society. The audience was held spellbound by their speeches.

Deputy Headteacher, Marie Erwood, read her very personal citations for the recipients of the special awards and the Governors Awards – Hannah Charles for Citizenship, Maddison Davies for Contribution to the Life of the School and Matt Fleming and Isaac Lucia for their Academic Achievements. Parents spoke warmly at the end of the evening about what the evening had meant to them and the gratitude which they as parents owed Stewards Academy. As she left Stewards, Melissa Benn said thank you to the Headteacher for the incredibly warm welcome she had received, and said that “the evening had been uplifting and stimulating… it has renewed my deep held belief in how successful a really good comprehensive school can be, and you clearly run a happy, well ordered and high achieving school”.