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948th Anniversary Battle of Hastings

Stewards Academy celebrated the 948th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings on two occasions on the school field this week. Exciting re-enactments took place with two year seven tutor groups, 7DJ and 7MR, under the watchful eye of their History teacher Marie Erwood. The 'soldiers' prepared for the occasion by making their battle regalia and marching out to the substitute Senlac Hill and going through the actual tactics which were employed by Harold and William. The pupils had a fantastic time and the educational objective of understanding the battle was fully achieved.

Melissa Mountney in 7DJ said ' It was a really fun experience and I now know what it must have been like to be in such a battle.' Ben Lavery in 7MR said 'It was brilliant fun and I enjoyed every minute of it, and I learnt so much.'