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Stewards Academy

Stewards Academy

Science Specialist

150k Cardiff to Harlow run. Over £12000 raised.


“We are working to make a difference to the lives of millions of people”– Mo Farah

In collaboration with the Mo Farah and Stewards Foundations the challenge set was to run from Cardiff back to the Academy, covering 300 kilometres and passing through 10 counties.

Stewards Academy and The Mo Farah Foundation is on a mission to save lives in Africa. The Mo Farah Foundation provides life-saving aid to some of the millions of people facing starvation and disease in East Africa. Set up by legendary double Olympic champion, Mo Farah, and his wife, Tania, The Mo Farah Foundation exists to save lives and support people affected by the horrendous drought conditions in the Horn of Africa.

Alongside supporting people in East Africa the Stewards Foundation aims to give back into its own community to benefit the pupils that attend the academy.

As part of the challenge all pupils completed a 3 kilometre run around the school grounds on Friday 21st June to ensure all pupils were involved before seeing the running team off.


The challenge started with a tour of Cardiff City’s football ground before running onto the pitch at the millennium stadium, from there out onto the open road.

The run was completed by 12 members of staff and supported by many more people behind the scenes. The challenge was completed by the 12 running in 6 pairs non-stop day and night in the sun, wind, rain and the pitch black of night. With little time for food and less time for sleep the team pushed hard and completed the run in phenomenal time, arriving back to the Academy to a rapturous welcome from the pupils, staff and sponsors .