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 I am delighted to have the opportunity of introducing you to Stewards Academy.

At Stewards, pupil achievement is at the heart of all we do. We encourage all our students to do their best, to achieve the best examination results they can and to develop their personal and social skills to the full.

In June 2013 OFSTED Inspectors recognised Stewards as a good school with many examples of outstanding practise. They said that students achieve well and make good progress. Inspectors were very impressed by the quality of teaching and by the behaviour and safety of pupils which was graded outstanding.

Inspectors reported: "The attitude and behaviour of students are exemplary because of the great importance the Academy places on their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Working with their teachers, they have created an exceptionally safe, caring and supportive community of which they are very proud to belong."

The Inspectors spoke to very many students in lessons, in meetings and around the school. They were extremely impressed. Stewards students are described as; "articulate, caring and well-adjusted young people who can offer much to British Society." All members of Stewards community can feel extremely proud to have received such a positive endorsement of our work.

Everyone has a vital part to play in developing our school. We listen to our students, respect their views and regularly celebrate their successes and achievements across the whole spectrum of school life.

We have created an atmosphere of trust and collaboration at the school - a place where everyone is respected and where the traditional values of mutual care, consideration and acceptance flourish. We are committed to students becoming good citizens who will contribute positively to society.

Stewards Academy has gained an excellent reputation within the local community. We have strong links with parents and with the business community. In recent years we have achieved numerous national awards in recognition of the high quality education we offer. Visitors invariably comment on the friendly, purposeful and welcoming atmosphere of Stewards Academy. The website will give you information about the work of the teaching departments and an idea of what we value in a school of which we are justly proud.

Rhonda Murthar B.A. M.A.(Ed).

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Latest News

  • Photography visit Gibberd Garden


     Year 9 photography students from Stewards Academy ventured out on a misty morning for an excursion to the Gibberd Garden; a local landmark filled with sculptures, natural greenery and an abundance of photographic hotspots waiting for the next photographer to illustrate their wonders.

    The objective was to develop their understanding and photographic techniques for their new project- Built Environment. The students used a sculpture trail organised by the garden’s volunteers to systematically record photographs of the art pieces alongside their natural environment.

    Pupils enjoyed being outside the classroom and they really could see the benefits of the trip. One student said: “I believe that it will be beneficial to my coursework because it has given me the opportunity to take different styles of photos and further my knowledge about shadows and contrast in the built environment.”

    Stewart Li, who teaches photography, said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Gibberd Garden for their support and for preparing the gardens for our visit. An enjoyable photography trip was had by all!”

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  • Pupils visit local Theatre

    A number of Stewards Academy drama students visited Harlow Playhouse to view the interesting and engaging Contexture Theatre production of ‘Mother Courage and her children’ on Thursday 29th September.

    A thought-provoking and challenging performance gave students a real taste of Brechtian theatre and left them questioning the purpose of war and the role of the protagonist throughout.

    One student said: “I really enjoyed Mother Courage because it had a tense storyline as well as excellent actors who communicated with the audience.”

    Miss Johnson, Head of Performing Arts, said: “It is so important that students engage with a range of theatrical experiences and are open to different styles of performance. We are lucky to have access to high-quality performances in our local theatre.”


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  • Role Model for Year 7


    Year 7 pupils at Stewards Academy had another guest speaker in assembly today, hot on the heels of an illustrious certain Prince William two weeks ago to the day! Thomas Battelley, ex pupil who left Stewards in 2006, came in to describe his personal life journey to conquer a serious speech impediment. Thomas spoke with great candour about his fear of speaking when younger and how he spent many years attending specialist appointments to try to deal with his stammer, all to no avail. His confidence suffered and in his own words 'I hid myself away from communicating.' But one day he found out online about The Maguire Programme and Thomas was featured on the Channel 4 programme two years ago actively participating in the programme. Thomas realised that he would never lose his stammer, but he could learn the strategies and techniques to manage it. He had to completely re-learn the alphabet. And standing in front of over 200 people in assembly today Thomas was a shining example of the life mantra he has adopted "Fight the fear or the fear will fight you.” He never showed a sign of his stammer. His former teacher Deputy Headteacher Marie Erwood said "I was very moved as I listened to Tom speak and I feel immensely proud of the inspirational young man standing tall before me. I hope that every year seven pupil will see him as a role model of resilience.”

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